Scientific Diving Course

The Albanian Center for Marine Research offers a scientific diving course during the summer field season. This course complies with the 100+hour American Academy of Underwater Science Standards for Scientific Diving. Upon completion of all requirements, students will be authorized divers in the ACMR Diving Safety Program and can receive Verification of Training at their home institution. Students will gain diverse diving experience, participate in ongoing underwater research, and learn diving theory and methods in classroom sessions taught by experts in the field. Almost daily dives over the two-week course will expose students to a variety of habitat types found along the southern Albanian coastline as well as the best practices for conducting hypothesis-based research, environmental survey, and archaeological methods. The diving course also offers a necessary component to participate in other ACMR field school offerings.

The ACMR scientific diving course is a fast-paced, intensive field experience teaching not only scientific diving techniques, but also team coordination and remote operation logistics. The course is a balance of practical methods application with academic lectures by experts in a small and relaxed class environment. The course is designed to expose students to interdisciplinary research along the Southern Albanian coastline and offer opportunities for students to get involved in ongoing projects. Lecturers from partner organizations will teach about their areas of expertise and students will have the opportunity to visit both ecologically important and culturally significant sites. Practical experience will include underwater scientific methods as well as boat handling, operating compressors, equipment care, and other skills necessary for using scientific diving on marine projects. The Scientific Diving Course aspires to provide students with a well-rounded and interdisciplinary introduction to the wide range of diving methods and technology they will experience upon becoming professionals in the various disciplines of marine studies.


The 2014 Scientific Diving Course information will be posted soon!


Past courses:

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What is Nautical Archaeology?

Underwater, marine, maritime, or nautical archaeology is simply archaeology done under the water. Together with cultural and physical anthropology and linguistics, archaeology - both on land and underwater - is a subfield of the science of anthropology, the study of humankind. Basically, the tools, techniques, and products are the same no matter where one works, although different environments may require adaptations to the task at hand. But the goals are the same: understanding our past.


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