Invited and Symposium Lectures


In May 2011, at the 14th Annual Mediterranean Studies Congress in Corfu, Executive Director Auron Tare presented a talk titled 'Rewriting History: Albanian Coastal Exploration' during a special session on Albania. This symposium was hosted by the Mediterranean Studies Association, the Ionian University, University of Masaechusetts Dartmouth, University of Kansas, and Utah State University. The final program for the conference can be found here.







The Center's Executive Director, Auron Tare, was invited by the Explorers Club in New York City to give a lecture in January 2011. The talk highlighted the Center's ongoing efforts on the Albanian coast. You can check out the full description here. The Albanian magazine Mapo also ran an article about the lecture and it can be found here.






In March 2009, at the 27th Annual American Academy of Underwater Sciences Symposium in Atlanta, Director-At-Large Derek Smith presented a paper titled 'Submerged Cultural Resource Discoveries in Albania: Surveys of Ancient Shipwreck Sites'. This presentation highlighted discoveries from the 2008 Albanian Coastal Survey field season as well as ongoing ecological studies being conducted on many of the shipwrecks sites. The full article in the AAUS Symposium Proceedings can be found here.

What is Nautical Archaeology?

Underwater, marine, maritime, or nautical archaeology is simply archaeology done under the water. Together with cultural and physical anthropology and linguistics, archaeology - both on land and underwater - is a subfield of the science of anthropology, the study of humankind. Basically, the tools, techniques, and products are the same no matter where one works, although different environments may require adaptations to the task at hand. But the goals are the same: understanding our past.


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