About Us...

Our Mission:

To search and discover underwater historical sites and shipwrecks; to provide answers to historical questions through the study of the ships that have traveled this part of the Mediterranean for millennia, transporting people and cargo, and making possible the exchange of ideas, innovation and invention; to fill in the gaps of history and safe guard for future generations the discoveries we make during this process; to increase knowledge of the evolution of civilization through the location and excavation of submerged and buried ships, submerged ruins, and their associated artifacts

Our Goal:

To bring to light those remnants of our collective past that speak most powerfully to us, about who we are, what we have done, and what we are capable of doing while upholding the highest scientific, academic, and ethical standards

Our History:

The Center was created as a non-profit organization in Albania in 2010 by Auron Tare, George Robb Jr, and Dr. Neritan Ceka after many years of collaborative efforts. These three founders bring together the knowledge and resources to locate and document Albania's submerged maritime culture heritage as well as educate the public on their importance and need for ongoing protection. Derek Smith (Biology PhD program at the University of Washington) and Peter Campbell (Archaeology PhD program at Southampton University) have also been working through the Center to conduct extensive archaeological and biological studies at many of the sites, author academic publications, and lead expeditions throughout the region.

What is Nautical Archaeology?

Underwater, marine, maritime, or nautical archaeology is simply archaeology done under the water. Together with cultural and physical anthropology and linguistics, archaeology - both on land and underwater - is a subfield of the science of anthropology, the study of humankind. Basically, the tools, techniques, and products are the same no matter where one works, although different environments may require adaptations to the task at hand. But the goals are the same: understanding our past.


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