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Commemorative stamps issued by the Albanian Postal Service!


In celebration of recent discoveries in the waters off the southern coastline, the Albanian Postal Service in January 2011 issued two commemorative stamps featuring the amphoras of two ancient shipwreck sites.

These discoveries have been an ongoing collaborative effort with RPM Nautical Foundation and the Albanian Institute of Archaeology. Our thanks to everyone involved!


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Times of Malta: October 14th
First Century BC Roman Wine Amphoras Found

What is Nautical Archaeology?

Underwater, marine, maritime, or nautical archaeology is simply archaeology done under the water. Together with cultural and physical anthropology and linguistics, archaeology - both on land and underwater - is a subfield of the science of anthropology, the study of humankind. Basically, the tools, techniques, and products are the same no matter where one works, although different environments may require adaptations to the task at hand. But the goals are the same: understanding our past.


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